Word Saber: An Effective and Fun VR Vocabulary Learning Game

Judith Hartfill, Jenny Gabel, Daniel Neves Coelho, Daniel Vogel, Fabian Räthel, Simon Tiede, Oscar Ariza, Frank Steinicke
Mensch und Computer 2020 (MuC'20), page 145--154 - 2020
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In this paper, we introduce Word Saber, a virtual reality (VR) edu-game for vocabulary learning. The game design and game mechanics are inspired by Beat Saber, where players have to cut virtual cubes from predefined directions by using bi-manual interactions with two lightsabers. Word Saber uses a similar concept, but players have to cut the corresponding object to the presented word. We evaluated the effects of Word Saber on learning efficiency and enjoyment in comparison to a traditional vocabulary learning method. The results show that Word Saber is effective for vocabulary learning. However, as Word Saber presented significantly lower scores in terms of recognition and recall rate compared to a flashcard method, it has lower efficiency. Regarding subjective preferences,our findings suggest that VR edu-games can be fun and useful for language learning in the long run as participants reported to be more motivated to use Word Saber afterward.

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