The Cybersickness Susceptibility Questionnaire: Predicting Virtual Reality Tolerance

Proceedings of the Mensch und Computer Conference 2020, page (accepted) - 2020
In this paper we propose the Cybersickness Susceptibility Questionnaire (CSSQ), which predicts the likeliness of a user experiencing cybersickness related symptoms when exposed to virtual reality (VR). The items on this questionnaire were compiled from several previous works that have demonstrated the influence of various biological, chemical and psychological factors on the human senses and nervous system. With this questionnaire, users can have a greater degree of confidence entering VR for the first time, and researchers performing studies in VR can preselect participants based on the study's purpose. A controlled study with 24 participants was conducted to validate the predictive power of the CSSQ. We analysed correlations between CSSQ answers given before a virtual roller coaster ride to changes from pre- to post-simulator sickness questionnaires. The results suggest that there is a positive correlation between given answers on the CSSQ and the perceived cybersickness. A high mean value in the CSSQ indicates a stronger perception of cybersickness during and after the exposure to VR.

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