KiVR Sports: Influencing the Users Physical Activity in VR by using Audiovisual Stimuli in Exergames

Kolja Kirsch, Christian Schatzschneider, Carina Garber, Aila Rosenberger, Konya Kirsten, Oscar Ariza, Frank Steinicke
Proceedings of the Mensch und Computer Conference 2019, page accepted - 2019
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In traditional fitness or exercise situations, people often lack motivation. Fitness video games try to enhance exercise by combining cognitive game demands with physical activity and body coordination. Building on results of interdisciplinary game research, we designed and evaluated a dynamically-adaptive fitness game environment that has motivating effects and can be used besides, or as an alternative to standard fitness programs. In this work, we explore the effects of game design elements (e.g., music, lighting) on engagement in a VR exercise game suitable for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)\cite{ACSM_HIIT}. Participants reported a higher perceived incentive to perform well when the music tempo depended on the measured heart rate. A lower incentive was reported when the heart rate influenced in-game lighting. Static lighting produced significantly higher heart rate. Further displaying a score was effective on both heart rate and perceived incentive.

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