Application of Redirected Walking in Room-Scale VR

Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality (VR) (Demo), page 449--450 - 2017
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Redirected walking (RDW) promises to allow near-natural walking in an infinitely large virtual environment (VE) by subtle manipu- lations of the virtual camera. Previous experiments showed that a physical radius of at least 22 meters is required for undetectable RDW. However, we found that it is possible to decrease this radius and to apply RDW to room-scale VR, i. e., up to approximately 5m × 5m. This is done by using curved paths in the VE instead of straight paths, and by coupling them together in a way that enables continuous walking. Furthermore, the corresponding paths in the real world are laid out in a way that fits perfectly into room-scale VR. In this research demo, users can experience RDW in a room-scale head-mounted display VR setup and explore a VE of approximately 25m × 25m.

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