Exploring Augmented Perception: A User Acceptance Study

Daniel Waller, Christina Albers, Philipp Feuerbach, Marta Nevermann, Marc Richter, Stephanie Vogt, Paul Lubos, Gerd Bruder
Proceedings of the GI Workshop on Virtual and Augmented Reality (GI VR/AR), page 37--44 - 2016
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Research into augmented reality (AR) focused on augmented perception, i. e.,changes to the visual perception of the environment, has not received as much attention as traditional AR applications focused on incorporating virtual objects or information into the user’s view. This paper presents an assessment of the usefulness of vision-enhancing augmented reality (AR) for performing everyday tasks. Using virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays we simulated different situations in which we augmented the visual perception of the user with heat vision, sound vision and night vision. Twenty participants were divided into two experimental and a control group. They were told to solve different everyday tasks using either natural vision or the different enhancement methods, which participants could switch between. We then observed how they performed in terms of vision switches and time needed. Participants took questionnaires before and after the simulation to assess simulator sickness, frustration levels and qualitative data. Our study shows that participants embraced the enhanced vision for solving everyday tasks and solved the given tasks significantly faster using the simulated augmented perception techniques. The results merit further research in implementing enhanced vision with AR technologies.

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