Illusion of Depth in Spatial Augmented Reality

Proceedings of the IEEE VR Workshop on Perceptual and Cognitive Issues in AR (PERCAR), page 1--6 - 2016
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Spatial augmented reality (SAR) is an emerging paradigm that differs from its origin, the traditional augmented reality (AR), in many regards. While traditional AR is a well-studied field of research, the characteristic features of SAR and their implications on the perception of spatial augmented environments have not been analyzed so far. In this paper, we present one of the first studies, which investigates the perceived spatial relationships between a user and their SAR environment. The results indicate that perceived depth of real-world objects can be manipulated by projecting illusions, such as color or blur effects, onto their surfaces. For the purpose of evaluating and comparing the illusions of interest, we developed a prototypic setup for conducting perceptual SAR experiments. Since this testing environment differs significantly from its counterparts in virtual and augmented reality, we also discuss potential challenges, which arise from the nature of SAR experiments.

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