Comparison of 2D and 3D GUI Widgets for Stereoscopic Multitouch Setups

Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting (JVRB) - 2014
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Recent developments in the area of interactive entertainment have suggested to combine stereoscopic visualization with multi-touch displays, which has the potential to open up new vistas for natural interaction with interactive three-dimensional (3D) applications. However, the question arises how the user interfaces for system control in such 3D setups should be designed in order to provide an effective user experience. In this article we introduce 3D GUI widgets for interaction with stereoscopic touch displays. The design of the widgets was inspired to skeuomorphism and affordances in such a way that the user should be able to operate the virtual objects in the same way as their real-world equivalents. We evaluate the developed widgets and compared them with their 2D counterparts in the scope of an example application in order to analyze the usability of and user behavior with the widgets. The results reveal differences in user behavior with and without stereoscopic display during touch interaction, and show that the developed 2D as well as 3D GUI widgets can be used effectively in different applications.

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