Poster: Touch & Move: A Portable Stereoscopic Multi-Touch Table

David Cyborra, Moritz Albert, Frank Steinicke, Gerd Bruder
Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), page 97--98 - 2013
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Recent developments in the fields of display technology provide new possibilities for engaging users in interactive exploration of three-dimensional (3D) virtual environments (VEs). Tracking technologies such as the Microsoft Kinect and emerging multi-touch interfaces enable inexpensive and low-maintenance interactive setups while providing portable solutions for engaging presentations and exhibitions. In this poster we describe an extension of the smARTbox, which is a responsive touch-enabled stereoscopic out-of-the-box technology for interactive setups. We extended the smARTbox by making the entire setup portable, which provides a new interaction experience, when exploring 3D data sets. The portable tracked multi-touch interface supports two different interaction paradigms: exploration by multi-touch gestures as well a s exploration by lateral movements of the entire setup. Hence, typical gestures supporting rotation and panning can be implemented via multi-touch gestures, but also via actual movements of the setup.

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