2.5D Touch Interaction on Stereoscopic Tabletop Surfaces

Proceedings of Interactive Surfaces for Interaction with Stereoscopic 3D (ISIS3D), page 1--4 - 2013
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Recent developments in touch and display technologies have laid the groundwork to combine touch-sensitive display systems with stereoscopic three-dimensional (3D) display. Traditionally, touch-sensitive surfaces capture only direct contacts such that the user has to penetrate a visually perceived object with negative parallax to touch the 2D surface behind the object. Conversely, recent technologies support capturing nger positions in front of the display, enabling users to interact with intangible objects in mid-air 3D space. In previous works we compared such 2D touch and 3D mid-air interactions in a Fitts' Law experiment for objects with varying stereoscopical parallax. The results showed that within a small range above the surface 2D interaction is bene cial whereas for objects farther away 3D interaction is bene cial. For these reasons, we discuss the concept of 2.5D interaction for such setups and introduce corresponding widgets for interaction with stereoscopic touch displays by means of an example application.

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