Poster: Analysis of IR-based Virtual Reality Tracking Using Multiple Kinects

Srivishnu Satyavolu, Gerd Bruder, Pete Willemsen, Frank Steinicke
Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), page 149--150 - 2012
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This article presents an analysis of using multiple Microsoft Kinect Sensors to track users in a VR system. This article focuses on using multiple Kinect sensors to track infrared points for use in virtual reality applications. Multiple Kinect sensors may serve as a low-cost and affordable means to track position information across a large lab space in applications where precise location tracking is not necessary. We present our findings and analysis of the tracking range of a Kinect sensor in situations in which multiple Kinects are present. Overall, the Kinect sensor works well for this application and in lieu of more expensive options, the Kinect sensors may be a viable option for very low-cost tracking in virtual reality applications.

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