A Mixed Reality Space for Tangible User Interaction

Martin Fischbach, Christian Treffs, David Cyborra, Alexander Strehler, Thomas Wedler, Gerd Bruder, Andreas Pusch, Marc E. Latoschik, Frank Steinicke
Proceedings of the GI Workshop on Virtual and Augmented Reality (GI VR/AR), page 25--36 - 2012
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Recent developments in the field of semi-immersive display technologies provide new possibilities for engaging users in interactive three-dimensional virtual environments (VEs). For instance, combining low-cost tracking systems (such as the Microsoft Kinect) and multi-touch interfaces enables inexpensive and easily maintainable interactive setups. The goal of this work is to bring together virtual as well as real objects on a stereoscopic multi-touch enabled tabletop surface. Therefore, we present a prototypical implementation of such a mixed reality (MR) space for tangible interaction by extending the smARTbox. The smARTbox is a responsive touch-enabled stereoscopic out-of-the-box system that is able to track users and objects above as well as on the surface. We describe the prototypical hard- and software setup which extends this setup to a MR space, and highlight design challenges for the several application examples.

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