A Virtual Reality Handball Goalkeeper Analysis System

Benjamin Bolte, Florian Zeidler, Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke, Klaus H. Hinrichs, Lennart Fischer, Jörg Schorer
Proceedings of the Joint Virtual Reality Conference (JVRC) (Poster Presentation), page 1--2 - 2010
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Understanding how professional handball goalkeepers acquire skills to combine decision-making and complex motor tasks is a multidisciplinary challenge. In order to improve a goalkeeper's training by allowing insights into their complex perception, learning and action processes, virtual reality (VR) technologies provide a way to standardize experimental sport situations. In this poster we describe a VR-based handball system, which supports the evaluation of perceptual-motor skills of handball goalkeepers during shots. In order to allow reliable analyses it is essential that goalkeepers can move naturally like they would do in a real game situation, which is often inhibited by wires or markers that are usually used in VR systems. To address this challenge, we developed a camera-based goalkeeper analysis system, which allows to detect and measure motions of goalkeepers in real-time.

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