3D Modeling and Design Supported via Interscopic Interaction Strategies

Frank Steinicke, Timo Ropinski, Gerd Bruder, Klaus H. Hinrichs
Proceedings of HCI International, Volume 4553, page 1160--1169 - 2007
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3D modeling applications are widely used in many application domains ranging from CAD to industrial or graphics design. Desktop environments have proven to be a powerful user interface for such tasks. However, the raising complexity of 3D dataset exceeds the possibilities provided by traditional devices or two-dimensional display. Thus, more natural and intuitive interfaces are required. But in order to get the users' acceptance technology-driven solutions that require inconvenient instrumentation, e.g., stereo glasses or tracked gloves, should be avoided. Autostereoscopic display environments in combination with 3D desktop devices enable users to experience virtual environments more immersive without annoying devices. In this paper we introduce interaction strategies with special consideration of the requirements of 3D modelers. We propose an interscopic display environment with implicated user interface strategies that allow displaying and interacting with both mono-, e.g., 2D elements, and stereoscopic content, which is beneficial for the 3D environment, which has to be manipulated. These concepts are discussed with special consideration of the requirements of 3D modeler and designers.

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